Some time ago I was handed the title of “Just a Girl”. In that moment I felt my entire sense of worth beginning to unravel. Years of self-reflection, self-awareness, and yes, much-needed selfishness flew out the window, and I was merely “just” a girl. I did not meet the expectations of the one so carelessly handing out this title, and therefore I was reduced. I stumbled through the next set of 24 hour periods as if this title had been tattooed on my forehead. And then, it happened. An ember that had been flickering deep inside of me was now burning fiercely. Ideas were racing through my mind, spreading to my fingertips, and leaving marks on blank pages all with the common theme of what it means to be “just” a girl. My passion had a focus. And so begins my journey with so many other amazing women who have felt the internal burn of being branded a “just”.

Whether you’re a middle finger sticker-upper, a hold everything in-er, or a get out of my way while I git ur done-er…this is for you. Grab that bottle (yes, I said bottle) of wine while you read our stories…and by the end of that bottle, you just may be submitting your own. Anyone who says liquid courage is not a real thing is a damn liar. Cheers!

“Once in a while blow your own damn mind.” – Unknown, but obviously awesome

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